Monday, April 26, 2010

More birthday pics...

Bella opening her gifts at the clubhouse.

My best friend, Monica and her lemon drop

Tess and RyRy playing in the garden.


Bella Bug's 1st Bday

Bella getting a bath after eating her red cake.

Bella loves her cake and has it everywhere!

Bella and her favorite cousin, Ethan.

Mama and the birthday girl

The infamous ladybug cake created by Mimi (my mom).
Bella turned 1 on January 27th and we had her 1st
birthday party at the Avendale clubhouse. Friends and
family came to her birthday party where the kids ran
around and drew pictures and created bug frames. Bella
had a great time blowing out her candles and eating her
delicious cake. It was a great day!

Shelby's 1st Day of Preschool

Can't believe my baby is already going to school!

Shelby looks so cute in her new dress and brand new
princess book bag with her name embroidered on it.
Courtesy of my friend Allie Atwood, owner of Suddenly

Little daredevil!

I think I will get down now, can I have a hand?

Mama, look at me!
Down again!
Bella started climbing the dollhouse at almost a year old.
She decided she wanted to be just like King Kong.

Blow kisses - 1 year

Mmmwah! Bella is blowing you a kiss!

Mmmm! Marshmallows!

This was Bella Bug's first time having marshmallows and
it turns out she loved them! She preferred them lightly
roasted but not burnt. Classic!

Visiting with Santa

All the kiddos sitting with Santa.

Shelby loved her gift exchange gift!

Bella wants to get down and run around!

We had a Christmas party at The Hopkins' house and
Santa made a surprise visit. The kids had a blast, even
the little ones.


Shane sledding - woohoo!

Shelby sledding by herself - so brave!

There she goes again!

Beautiful Shelby

Baby Bella and Daddy
We built a sledding run and we spent the better part of
a day sledding down and walking back up the hill. Shelby
did a great job going by herself but did not enjoy carrying
the sled back up to the top.

Mommy's Chrismukkah Gift

Shane wasn't sure my gift would be here in time but
thankfully Roland, who works in Los Angeles, was able to
pick it up for us. Another identical shoe to match the
other. One shoe for my Shelby Rose engraved with her
name and birthdate and another for my Izabella Hope. I
absolutely love them! Thanks honey!

Gabriel's Bar Mitzvah

Shelby waiting patiently for the song to begin again for
Musical Chairs.

Gabriel's Bar Mitzvah was a wonderful ceremony and
after party. It was great to see his family again and
meet his friends. Shelby and Bella had a great time
dancing. It is hard to believe that I was present the day
Gail gave birth to such a handsome baby boy. I can't
believe he is already 13! It is crzay to think that Shelby
may be participating in her very own Bat Mitzvah in 9
more years.

Annual Christmas Party

Papa with Bella, Ethan, Shelby & Rylyn.

Me and my sis at Aunt April's house.
As always it was great to see everyone. My cousins and
aunts and uncles that we don't get to see too often.
Unfortunately Shelby was coming down with something
and threw up in the car on the way home. Fun times!

Big Bear aka Bella's 1st time in the snow

Uh-oh! Here comes trouble!

Asher at 13 months

Shelby and Daddy relaxing

Mr. Squirrel

Daddy & Bella

We went up to Big Bear with Angie, Brandon & Asher for
a little snow play. We went for a weekend and had so
much fun! Shelby had a great time sledding outside and
Bella had a great time playing with her cousin Asher. The
guys went snowboarding and the girls stayed and looked
after the children and enjoyed some time in town. All in
all a great trip - can't wait to go back! Thanks Uncle Mike
and Aunt April..

Bella 11 months

Bella Bug can't believe how fast time has flown by! You
will be one next month already! I love you with all of
my heart, sweetie!

Bella 10 months

My sweet Bella at 10 months. She really has a special
place in my heart. Love you Bug!

Christmas Train at the Depot

Bella wide-eyed and watching the train show.

My little girl and I snuggling up.

This was our first year catching the Christmas train
show. And Shelby has since asked if we can go back again
soon. I told she will have to wait until Christmas time.

Our first Gingerbread House

Shelby had a great time decorating her house.

The Gingerbread baby will be so happy!

Now that Shelby is 3 1/2, we can do more fun activities together, such as building and decorating a gingerbread house for the gingerbread baby. My mom put together the house but Shelby did a great job of eating the candy and decorating the house.

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board idea

I thought this bulletin board idea was cute! I had the students tell me what they were thankful for and write them down on the turkey's feather and then we fanned the feathers out around the turkey's body. This was 1-3 SDC at Del Cerro.

Baby Loves Disco

Taking a rest after dancing her little heart out!

Shelby trying out the hula hoop.

Took Bella & Shelby to Baby Loves Disco for their first time and they loved it! Bella was shaking her hips and Shelby was not too shy to get up and dance on the stage and hula-hoop in front of everyone. They even provide the kids with snacks and giveaways! I will definitely be back!

Soccer is supposed to be fun, right?

Go get the ball, Shelby!

Shelby waiting her turn to kick the ball into the goal.

What am I supposed to be doing?

Bella 8 months

Bella seems to have an orange nose! Here is our happy girl
at 8 months.