Monday, April 26, 2010

More birthday pics...

Bella opening her gifts at the clubhouse.

My best friend, Monica and her lemon drop

Tess and RyRy playing in the garden.


Bella Bug's 1st Bday

Bella getting a bath after eating her red cake.

Bella loves her cake and has it everywhere!

Bella and her favorite cousin, Ethan.

Mama and the birthday girl

The infamous ladybug cake created by Mimi (my mom).
Bella turned 1 on January 27th and we had her 1st
birthday party at the Avendale clubhouse. Friends and
family came to her birthday party where the kids ran
around and drew pictures and created bug frames. Bella
had a great time blowing out her candles and eating her
delicious cake. It was a great day!

Shelby's 1st Day of Preschool

Can't believe my baby is already going to school!

Shelby looks so cute in her new dress and brand new
princess book bag with her name embroidered on it.
Courtesy of my friend Allie Atwood, owner of Suddenly

Little daredevil!

I think I will get down now, can I have a hand?

Mama, look at me!
Down again!
Bella started climbing the dollhouse at almost a year old.
She decided she wanted to be just like King Kong.

Blow kisses - 1 year

Mmmwah! Bella is blowing you a kiss!

Mmmm! Marshmallows!

This was Bella Bug's first time having marshmallows and
it turns out she loved them! She preferred them lightly
roasted but not burnt. Classic!

Visiting with Santa

All the kiddos sitting with Santa.

Shelby loved her gift exchange gift!

Bella wants to get down and run around!

We had a Christmas party at The Hopkins' house and
Santa made a surprise visit. The kids had a blast, even
the little ones.