Friday, July 24, 2009


So, I am really enjoying this aerobics class! It is a lot of fun and a great workout! It is a latin inspired dance class. I really didn't think I would like it but I am now addicted to it because it is totally different from anything I have done before.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shelby vs. Bella

Bella 4 months

Shelby 4 months

They look pretty much the same except Bella has an oval
face and Shelby's was round. Also Shelby had virtually no
hair and Bella has a ton!

Goin' on a bear hunt...

Travertine Hot Springs

These hot springs were off the beaten path but well worth
the trip. We decided not to put our suits on and went in our
skivvies instead. It was so weird because the bottom of
these pools were covered with squishy mud. There was a
slight sulfur odor but otherwise the water felt great! The
kids loved it! We would definitely go back.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


So, the road to Buckeye was quite bumpy and gravely. We
had to use four wheel drive to get there. Thank goodness
we have it! It was very pretty and shady there. Shane
walked across the log - daredevil!


Baby pine tree

Pretty white flower

Prickly Pinecone

Beautiful Butterfly

Miss Bella

Muy frio!

We decided to go into the water even though
it was freezing! Only Ethan was crazy enough
to get his whole body wet!

Here fishy, fishy...

Papa bought both the girls the cutest fishing
gear ever! They each had a princess fishing pole
and a princess tackle box complete with pink
sunglasses and a pink my first fishing hat. The
girls looked adorable in their fishing outfits and
Shelby was very serious about fishing! For a
child who has very little patience for most things,
she was the most patient little fisherperson! She
couldn't wait for someone to take her fishing.

Stars and Stripes

We spent most of 4th of July in Bridgeport which
is a small town outside of Twin Lakes. The kids
got their faces painted, we watched a small
town parade, we had a yummy BBQ, the kids
played at the park, we watched some great
fireworks and got eaten by some skeeters!

Twin Lakes Resort - 7/09

View of the cabin from the trail

One of the locals

View of the lower lake and resort.
We had such a great time at the Twin Lakes
and look forward to going back next year! Life
is pretty relaxing up in the High Sierras.

Kids on vacation

Bella - 5 months, attached to Mama, as usual

Shelby Rose - 3 years

Ethan Cole - 9 years old

Rylyn Nicole - 22 months

The incredibly shrinking me

I am excited to say that as of 7/14/09 I reached my second 10% goal since having Bella. I am now under my pre-pregnancy (Bella) weight. My next 10% goal will be to lose another 24 pounds so I can be at my pre-pregnancy weight before Shelby. This will be quite an accomplishment! I have just started as of this week, working out at the YMCA. I started doing Yoga and have also tried a new class - Zumba! I was surprised but I actually thought it was pretty fun! The kids stay at the KidZone while I work out and it has been working out fairly well. You have seen some of my older pictures on this blog and I will try to post an update soon.


Will you look at these two! Shelby loves her
little sister although sometimes I think she
misses being the center of Mommy and Daddy's
world. She calls Bella her "little stinker winker",
"pretty girl" or "pooper". She kisses her and hugs
her all the time but she wishes she were bigger
so they could play together.

Bella 5 months

As you can see from the above pictures, Bella
is a very happy baby! She loves to smile and
is already growing up so fast. She is now 12 lbs.
14 oz and 24 inches long. She has the cutest
little rolls on her arms and legs and we just love
to kiss her cheeks. She has found her feet and
loves to hold them and put them in her mouth.
She is quite the limber child! We had started her
on solids at the beginning of the month and now
she is back off of them because they were giving
her tummy problems. We will restart her on
solids at 6 months when her little tummy is more
mature. She has been talking up a storm and
she scoots on her tummy and rolls over and over
to get around.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rollin', rollin', rollin'....

Baby Bella is rolling over! She is about 3 1/2
months old and she is busy as a bee.

Tiny Dancer

Shelby loves to dance! She says some day she
will be bigger and she can dance like the big
girls with Miss Tracy. She really loves the sound
her tap shoes make on the dance floor.

Where the wild things are...

Getting our stamps at the Dino Exhibit

My girls and I - we all happen to be looking
at the camera man.

Bella, Rylyn, Shelby and Ethan - our attempt
at gettin them all in a picture - haha!

This is the end...

We caravanned to the Wild Animal Park with
my sister and her kids. It's funny but the
whole time we were there we barely saw any
animals. We did see lots of dinosaurs though!