Friday, August 21, 2009

Time for another comparison...

Here is Princess Bug at 6 months.

Here is Princess Boo at 6 months.

Bella has dimples, hair and she is still tiny compared to
our Shelby who was a little chunker with no hair! Shelby
weighed 18 pounds at 6 months, Bella weighs 13 1/2 pounds.

Two Teeth

On 8/5/09 Bella got her second lower tooth! No other
teeth have been spotted as of yet! Way to go Bella!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Shelby & Bella's First Concert in the Park

Thanks Daddy I'll take some of that!

What choreography do you think would work for this song?

Tired Jane and her friend Bunny.

Happy Bella with Daddy - enjoying the music.

Mommy and the girls dancing at the end of the concert.
We took the girls to the Concert in the Park here in Ladera. It was a tribute to Bruce Springsteen and Shelby danced all night long with her friend Jane Gubman. While Piper and Bella played with their toes and bounced in their mommy's laps. Shane and I drank wine and had a picnic dinner with the girls. It was a relaxing evening under the stars.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ballet & Tap 2009

Shelby trying to do the ballet steps on the barre.

Shelby making one of her notorious faces...

Shelby just loves the tap segment of class!

A tap to the left and a tap to the right...

Pretty cool tapping on the heels!
Shelby keeps reminding me that she really likes Gymnastics better than dance and yet she seems to have so much fun tapping her toes and twirling around the room! Today she did even better because the only thing I told her, before class, was to have fun!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hot day at the OC Fair

I took Shelby to the OC Fair for a little Mommy and me time. She had a great time with her friends Angelina, Andrew and Avin and her cousins Rylyn and Ethan. Some highlights included:

Feeding the goats at the petting zoo

Riding a fast and bumpy roller coaster

Rylyn's First roller coaster ride

The little kids' first ride by themselves (without parents)
I think Shelby had a good time playing the games, riding
the rides, and hanging with her buddies.

First Tooth

Miss Bella got her first tooth on the lower left side just days before she turned 6 months. She was gnawing on fingers and binkies like crazy until the little tooth just popped through her gum.